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Moral policeman strikes off Sauti Sol’s new video from day time TV

By HILARY KIMUYU November 23rd, 2017 2 min read

Moral police Ezekiel Mutua on Thursday called the new raunchy Sauti Sol’s Melanin video gross and not fit to be watched by children.

In a statement, Mr Mutua said the song will not be aired by any media station during the watershed period  from 5am to 10pm because it is not suitable for general family viewing.

Television content suitable for airing in the watershed period is outlined in the Films and Stage Plays Act as well as the programing code for free-to-air radio and television services in Kenya.

“The board will not hesitate to take action against any broadcaster or exhibitor who shows the film during the watershed period and /or in establishments were children are at risk of viewing,” read part of Mr Mutua’s statement.

The Kenya Film and Classification Board chief (KFCB) chief executive wondered why such a reputable music group like Sauti Sol would resort to side shows in this important matter.

Melanin Video is gross and not suitable for children. It also objectifies women under the guise of black beauty!” said Mutua.


He however clarified that the board had not entirely banned the raunchy video because it recognizes the freedom of adults to watch any content.

“We wish to clarify that contrary to misleading claims, the KFCB has not banned the music video. However, the Board has received a deluge of public concerns and complaints on its appropriateness for children.”

According to Mutua the video objectifies women and particularly the girl child.

“This is objectionable as it attacks the dignity of women.”

It is déjà vu moment of sorts for  Sauti Sol. Three years ago, their Nishike video was banned over erotic scenes.

The video sparked uproar and was banned from local TV stations owing to its explicit nature.

Watch the video and be the judge.