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More rains on the way – Kenya Met

The meteorological department has warned that heavy rains are likely to return in western parts of the country starting next month, leading to more cases of flooding and landslides.

Enhanced rains in the months of June, July and August, as well as attendant cooler than average temperatures could lead to an increase in cases of respiratory diseases like asthma, pneumonia, flu and common colds, said meteorological department director Stella Aura.

Similarly, vector-borne diseases such as malaria and others like cholera are likely to increase in the Lake Victoria Basin as well as parts of the Rift Valley due to the conducive temperatures that favour their spread.

Ms Aura said cases of flooding will still happen in low lying areas across the country as well as landslides or mudslides in hilly areas of western and central and some parts of the Rift Valley.

“The outlook for June-July-August rainfall season indicates that the Rift Valley highlands, Lake Basin Region and northwestern regions will receive enhanced rainfall,” said Ms Aura.

She further noted that most areas in central and Nairobi will experience cool and cloudy conditions with occasional rain and drizzle with temperatures likely to be cooler than average.