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More trouble for Sakaja as UDA MCAs protest Lucky Okudo vetting

The Nairobi County Assembly has witnessed its first division since the August 2022 polls.

The division was laid bare during the vetting of the 33 Chief Officers recently appointed by governor Johnson Sakaja.

The appointees were being vetted by the various house committees in charge of the departments but trouble started Lucky Ogutu Okudo, who’s been appointed in the Energy department faced the panel.

Her entrance was met with dissatisfaction from various ICT committee members who stormed out of the vetting room claiming the appointee did not submit her academic credentials.

The Minority Leader in Assembly Antony Kiragu alleged in a press address after storming out of the room that Kenya Kwanza opted to stay away because Ms Okudo is a goon.

“We have a report here from the Clerk that she has not submitted any document to the County Assembly. We saw her at the Bomas of Kenya causing mayhem,” claimed Kiragu.

The MCAs have told the governor they will not allow such kind of people to be appointed to the key offices to be in charge of the millions of Nairobi residents.

“We are very concerned that they have decided to go on with the vetting, despite all that, they are quoting the big names and the honourables as the person behind her appointment.”

They claimed that Ms Okudo is still being probed by the authorities from the chaos that rocked Bomas of Kenya during the announcement of the Presidential election in August.

Before being appointed to the position by Sakaja, Ms Okudo served as an advisor in Siaya County Government for three years, and also as a consultant to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining.

Nevertheless, the vetting of Ms Okudo went on as Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai, who is the vice chairperson took over the vetting session.

The Azimio La Umoja MCAs are the Majority Party in the Assembly.

In 2020, Ms Okudo was recognized by Forbes Africa among the top 30 under 30.

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