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Morgan Heritage caught out plagiarising photo

Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage were left with egg on the face Monday after they were accused of plagiarizing a picture of a political rally in Tanzania and passing it as the mammoth crowds that attended their concert in Nairobi.

Already, the group, comprising Mojo, Jemere, Gramps and Peter, were being taunted for remaining in Kenya two weeks after their concert.

So, it appears they have left the country and did what any other musician would do: Thank their fans.

Gramps Morgan, one of the singers in the group, posted a picture on his Instagram page, captioning it: “Much love to all our Kenyan fans it was a pleasure to perform and spend time in such a wonderful country next step European tour.”

However, the attached picture was that of a political rally last Saturday graced by Tanzania’s CCM presidential John Magufuli in Mwanza.

Perhaps, the green and yellow colours of the outfits worn by the party supporters may have convinced a few that these were the reggae enthusiasts adorned in Rastafarian colours. But it boomeranged.

The post by Gramps Morgan on Instagram
The post by Gramps Morgan on Instagram

Gramps’ East African fans immediately called them out.

An Instagram user (caserobs) wrote: “Why did u have to lie? The picture was taken at an election rally in Mwanza, Tanzania and u try to fool ppl that this was u r concert in naironi?cmon man grow up @grampsmorgan (sic).”

Another user (jinjin2011): “Apologise your grown up (expletive) man you cant do such a thing, Why lying for fame or to get kick gosh.  @grampsmorgan Rwamwasi @grampsmorgan Stop lie to this people. Guys it was happed on saturday in #MWANZA, Tanzania this croud of people to one of #CCM political party campaign (sic),” with (kidole_cha_nyoso) adding, “Jamani huyo nì mtoto wa magufuli anaitwa gramps pombe Morgan______kwa wale msiomjua (sic).”

Sarah Mwanate said: “kamata mwizi wetu huyu,, watu tumejazana kumsikiliza magufuli yeye anakuja iba,” woth (lovly__jojo) adding, “I wish ua here u so called bread cramps so i can nyoosha u in worst way possible big fool stupid shame in ua boxer the best thing u could have done is write Chagua Magufuli nisingekumind ila watu tumejilipia hela kwenda wewe unaweka picha na kujipa credit eti nyokonyoko yako mfyuuuuuuu next time ua invited to com to tz make sure un flana.yenye picha ya magufuli (sic).”

The picture has since been removed.