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How Moses Kuria ‘escorted’ Miguna to Dubai – PHOTOS, VIDEO

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has left tongues wagging after sharing a series of pictures and a video of his flight with Dr Miguna Miguna to Dubai on Wednesday night.

The MP, who appears to be traveling for holiday with his family, cheekily referred to Mr Miguna as a Canadian.

“Aboard Flight EK 722 to Dubai. I can positively confirm we have all nationalities on this flight including a very bald headed Canadian. Rehla Sayeedah General,” posted Mr Kuria.

When the airplane landed in Dubai Thursday morning, Kuria again mocks Miguna by calling him the leader of the Eastern suburbs of Toronto and bidS him farewell for successfully completing “a 4 day state visit to Kenya”.

“This morning at Dubai International Airport I bid farewell to the leader of the breakaway Eastern Suburbs of Toronto, NRM General Miguna Miguna who completed a successful 4 day state visit to Kenya. We committed to continue working together to strengthen the relationship between the people of the two friendly nations,” says Mr Kuria.

And that is not all, he then shares a video of Miguna arguing with an airport security officer.

Here is a sample of responses to Kuria’s posts.

“Welcome To Kenya where foreigners like Chinese live work er stay comfortably while da poor Kenyan are threatened er taken to where they don’t even belong, When will you come God,Ooh Lord Hear Our Prayers,” said Gideon Mogaka.

“kuria I don’t like Miguna, but I detest you, you are so reckless with a foul mouth, you don’t sound your age, why do you keep following and mocking a wounded man?” asked Saban Limo.

“If I were Miguna Miguna, I could take a flight to Tanzania. Then access the country through Namanga or Shirati with my identity card,” said Mkenya Halisi.

“No Moses kuria instead of fighting such injustices that are being meted on your fellow countryman a son born in Kenya from nyando here you are busy celebrating and mocking dear brother lanes have been set Miguna miguna has just scored highly both locally and internationally as abrade statesman ,defender of human rights besides being believer of the constitution. Too being a mediocre and instead fight for your electorates,” said Maonda Martin.

“Dont rejoice this impunity because at the end you will go to the grave like any other Kenyan.. In fact there are people one can predict that they will die like rats…pray that you have a safe journey coz you aren’t God in that plane and not the government is in control,” said Machenge Barongo.