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Moses Kuria’s jibe on Miguna ignites Twitter fury

By NAIRA HABIB February 6th, 2018 1 min read

Controversial lawmaker Moses Kuria has ruffled feathers on social media with a distasteful remark about the welfare of lawyer Miguna Miguna who is in police custody.

It all started when advocate Edwin Sifuna took to social media to lament on how the police denied him access to see Mr Miguna on Sunday when it emerged that the self-declared NRM general had suffered an Asthma attack.

Sifuna said he had carried with him an inhaler to give Miguna but that the OCS at Lari Police Station flatly denied him access to his client.

“It’s true. We received info that Miguna has suffered an Asthma attack. I have with me an inhaler but the OCS has become hostile. He won’t let me see my client to give him the medication,” tweeted Sifuna.

But in a rejoinder that is typical of the Gatundu South Member of Parliament, Mr Kuria wrote: “Inhale on his behalf. That is why we hire lawyers. To represent us.”


Mr Kuria’s tweet was however not well received by a majority of Kenyans on Twitter.

@LydiaNgaira wrote, “One day in this country called Kenya, you will pay for your emptiness, One day,” while @oredocharles commented “Mheshimiwa is wrongly placed here!”

“Moses bana ata kama. This is evil,” said @AbalaKinyua.

@Mzalendonyak tweeted “May God have mercy on you God will punish you,” while @beritawanyonyi said “Empty debes make a lot of noise.”

@PavaniPasco commented, “Sir you need a free medical camp, your constituency must be suffering if this is the kind-of leader they have.”

“Moses kuria your day will come and I bet it will be worse than this Miguna’s be happy as you can you don’t know what will happen tomorrow,” @TessyMilly wrote.