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Moses Kuria makes light issue of Balala ‘go to hell’ remark in spellbinding English

Controversial parliamentarian Moses Kuria has waded into the raging storm that Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala has found himself in over the death of 10 rhinos at Tsavo East National Park.

And true to character, the Gatundu South MP has set tongue wagging with a tongue in cheek comment on the foregoing issue that has put Balala in trouble for his ill-advised ‘go to hell’ outburst aimed at his detractors.

In a Facebook post on Monday evening, Kuria sought to add his voice to Balala’s outbursts.

“Thank you CS Najib Balala for gratuitously and magnanimously paying First Class SGR tickets for Kenyans who wish to go to hell. Yours is an act of exemplary leadership in executive fiat and hubris,” he wrote.

It’s however not the MP’s casual remark to the hot subject which caught the attention of online users, but rather his uncharacteristically ‘tough’ vocabulary.


And with that, the online community was quick to speculate on how Kuria managed to ‘improve’ his English vocabulary.

But many, in jest, attributed it to his newfound truce with Raila Odinga and his recent visit to the lake side city of Kisumu.

Here are some of their comments:

“This is the effect of visiting Kisumu so frequently not in vain your rusungu is gutturally substantive at the moment now we can talk…” observed Benard Omondi.

“That rusungu today is fiat ad hubris,” Pauline Kabucha Njamba quipped.

“Men u have given me nightmares. Now instead of sleeping I’m running up and down here and there looking for a dictionary to understand those vocabularies,” commented Jeremiah Ndii Kuria.


“For those of an idea that PLO Lumumba has hacked into Kuria’s FB account I will tell you that Kuria is actually a genius, more so when it comes to Language (written and spoken) and mathematics,” defended Bram Mutwiri.

But others opted to express their opinions on CS Balala’s remarks.

“Balala has been in Cabinet for the last 10yrs if I’m not wrong. Other than changing bowties and dying his hair, nothing of significance has come from his leadership at Tourism docket,” wrote Ken Ynek.

“Asking him to resign coz some animals died somewhere is gigantically hypocritical, what about those engaging in corruption that directly affects us Kenyans. Am not ignorant of the importance of wildlife in our country but come on there are those with much bigger sins and are still shamelessly sitting their behinds firmly on their positions while they should have resigned or should not have been hired in the first place, tumechoka jamani,” Shiroh Alice commented.

“Balala anabeba watu ujinga sana, sanaaaa. Meanwhile our tourism sector is crumbling due to poor leadership as Tanzania gladly takes away almost all of our potential foreign tourists. Have a Fiat and habris day guys,” said Edu Sheruu.