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Moses Kuria has nowhere to hide after jibe on Obama’s visit

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Tuesday was the recipient of the wrath of Kenyans after he attempted to discredit former US President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya as fruitless.

In a Facebook post, the legislator had wondered why Kenyans were excited with Mr Obama’s visit yet during his presidency he did less for the country.

Mr Kuria also faulted the manner that local politicians were treated atMr Obama’s event

“Lakini Africans especially Kenyans are a weird lot. Barack Obama was President of the United States for 8 years. The most powerful person on earth, with unfettered access to the awesome American economy and the nuclear codes. He did practically NOTHING for Kogelo, Kenya or Africa. Nothing! Zero! Today as a ****** Former President he visits Kenya, we close all the roads for him,” posted the MP.

“He then proceeds to Kogelo, body-searches host Governor Cornel Rasanga and reduces my good friend and Lupita Nyongo’s daddy into a spectator,” Mr Kuria continued.


The MP also criticized President Obama’s speech together with his sister Auma Obama’s as  ‘a scathing and condescending indictment of Luo Nyanza leaders’.

“No wonder Baba Raila Odinga skipped the event, rightly so. Meanwhile the Chicago benefactor goes on to open a US $ 200K obscure centre for God knows what,” Kuria continued.

His post was met by a barrage of attacks from Kenyans who faulted himfor blaming President Obama for the problems in the country.

“You are directing your guns to the wrong person. According to our own government figures, 1/3 of our budget is looted… that’s kinyua saying not me. Can you give us idea what you want him to do? We are stealing our own money Boss,” said Job Kuria.

“Obama is an american not a Kenyan, we as Kenyan citizens didn’t vote for him, we voted for our fellow kenyans like you kuria but instead of you working for us you are inciting us on how Obama didn’t help us, do your work as given by kenyans who voted for you. Kenya is a rich country but due to its poor leadership it will remain begging from search countries like America,” said Joseph Wainaina.


“He was the President of America not Kenya. Our presidents and other leaders are busy milking the economy dry so let’s not blame Obama,” said Alecks Agege.

“Actually Nani alituroga (who bewitched us), we elect leaders like you just one year after the elections, you are leading a group of other weird politicians in 2022 campaigns, wewe unaona Obama sisi tunaona nyinyi (you see Obama, but we see you),” said Samuel Gatua.

“He was president of US not Kenya we have our own president and a lot of resources why do u want to crucify a man who is giving back to the community. He could have forgotten about Kenya and there is nothing you could have done to him but he didn’t even if he gives a shilling we should appreciate, it’s not our right that Obama has to help Kenya,” said Joy Elisia.