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Moses Kuria quits alcohol, social media (for now)

Moses Kuria says he has quit social media for the entire 2020.

The Gatundu lawmaker surprised his estimated 300,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter with this announcement on New Year’s Day.

He also confirmed that he will not be partaking alcohol for the next 12 months.

“I am deactivating my social media accounts (except WhatsApp) throughout 2020. I am off alcohol for the year 2020. Tukutane kwa ground,” he wrote.

Should he see through these resolutions, Kuria certainly will deny his followers controversial opinions he has been accustomed to sharing in the recent past.

In one of his latest posts for example, Kuria accuses President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ally David Murathe of talking on behalf of some ‘dark forces’. Murathe has suggested President Kenyatta could contest for the premiership in the event the country’s constitution is amended.

“I believe Murathe is talking on behalf of dark forces who have captured the state apparatus but not the President himself. As the MP for the President, I would know of such a scheme way ahead of retirees like Murathe,” wrote Kuria.

The controversial lawmaker has also welcomed Miguna Miguna’s impending return.