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Moses Kuria says police should have killed more anti-IEBC protesters

Controversial Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has questioned the ‘shooting skills’ of police and said he wished they could have killed more anti- IEBC protesters on Monday.

The MP is no stranger to hate speech and has an ongoing court case for incitement to violence, but his latest post on Facebook is bound to spark far more outrage.

Mr Kuria took to his Facebook page on Monday and asked the Opposition coalition, Cord, to tell their four dead supporters to wake up and go home.

He also wondered why more people did not die in the protests that turned violent and saw the death of demonstrators in Siaya and Kisumu.

“It is time CORD asks the 4 dead fools from Siaya and Kisumu to wake up and go home. If the cops are acting up lets end the morgue drama too,” the MP wrote.


He went ahead to question the shooting skills of the riot police who were deployed to face-off with with the demonstrators on Monday and wondered why they did not shoot more protesters.

“I really wish more died. The shooting skills of our police is questionable,” Mr Kuria wrote.


Mr Kuria’s remarks come a day after Kenya Police Service spokesman Charles Owino said the force has no apologies to make for the deaths that occurred during the demonstrations. He warned protesters that they should not threaten the lives of officers because police have a responsibility to look out for their safety first before protecting the public.

The Gatundu MP on Monday wrote a letter United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon accusing Opposition leaders of leading protests that are “a threat to peace and security.

In his letter, Mr Kuria said he wanted to meet the UN boss to brief him on Kenya’s situation including what he says are efforts by Opposition leader Raila Odinga to “destroy institutions” through protests against the IEBC.

Mr Kuria was in January 2015 forced to issue an apology over hate remarks he made against a certain community.

He is also battling a criminal case over his utterances at a recruitment drive for youths to work on National Youth Service projects in his constituency.

He was shown on video telling the panga-wielding youths to attack anyone who opposes NYS projects.