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Moses Kuria smells roses in the King’s fart – Twitter

By PETER MBURU September 12th, 2018 2 min read

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has been the subject of scathing attacks from Kenyans on Twitter over his defence of the 16% tax hike on petroleum products.

Mr Kuria had mounted a strong defence of the tax raise on Tuesday night in a TV debate that saw him clash with former Kakamega Senator Dr Bonny Khalwale.

At the height of the debate, the former Senator  compared Mr Kuria to a court jester during the reign of Nabongo Mumia, a King in one of the Luhya sub-tribes.

“Kenyans listening to you now and knowing that you come from Gatundu might very well equate you to a special person in my community who sits next to the Nabongo, this person is called ‘Mwinyambi’.

“The business of ‘Mwinyambi’ is that when the King spoils the air you take responsibility for it. If President Uhuru will go ahead and allow this taxation to go on, then he is going to need you as a ‘Mwinyambi’ so that he says am not the one who did it,” Dr Khalwale shot at Mr Kuria.

The use of the term ‘Mwinyambi’ opened the floodgates to ridicule directed to the Gatundun South MP by Kenyans on Twitter.

The translator:

Duchèss Lã Kènyã @princessxbel started the race; “@KBonimtetezi Moses kuria is a “Mwinyambi” in Khalwale’s voice.. Wacheni nitranslate- Mwinyambi is a luhya word meaning “farter” (if that’s correct english.. As in Msee anashutangaa ???? @citizentvkenya @HusseinMohamedg #NewsNight.”

Others questioned his competence as a tax expert.

Victor Mochere @VictorMochere; “I’m listening to Moses Kuria and wondering if his brain committed suicide or something. Saying that increasing the price of fuel has no effect on the price of other commodities like cereals, and he claims he’s an expert on taxation. What grade did he score?”

Maina Jack @MainaJacki; “Moses Kuria is talking of out ignorance and arrogance and calling himself an expert in matters taxation is an insult to the accounting profession. It’s sad!”

Alphaxard Ng’ang’a @AlphaxardNganga argued; “Someone tell Moses Kuria that we don’t have a problem with paying the 16% VAT if at all its going to be used for development. We only have a problem because we know the money will be used to fund Jubilee looting kitty.”

Many doubted the MP’s alcoblow status.

Dan Oduk @dan_oduk; “Is this guy ok? Maybe One day, just one day, Moses Kuria will go to the studio while sober, until then, we should continue praying for him. Meanwhile, ignore him.”

LICKi miJAM @jamlick said; “Moses Kuria says 16% VAT on fuel doesn’t affect the price of basic commodities like unga and bread. He’s either drunk or I am. #newsnight.”

The African Warrior @Jnwarria; “@citizentvkenya @KBonimtetezi @alexawiti @huseinmoha As a matter of ethics and principle, Citizen Television owe Kenyans an apology for bringing Hon. Moses Kuria drunk on live show…it’s an insult to its viewers.”

Ckirui victor @Ckirui254 opined; “Dear @HusseinMohamedg Next time you invite these Honorables to the show let there be Alcoblow at the gate or else this programme be rated PG! Unwise conversation by Moses Kuria #NewsNight @citizentvkenya @KBonimtetezi.”