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Moses Kuria wants Sonko investigated over weed smoking confession

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria now wants Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko investigated for the weed confession he made on Wednesday night.

Kuria said the parliament leadership ought to take the confession seriously alongside previous reports of bribery in taking place inside toilets of the August House.

The legislator said security heads need to investigate Sonko and the colleague he mentioned under the anti-narcotics laws.

“IG Joseph Boinett is yet to ask the two governors to record a statement with anti-narcotics unit. Or may be Parliamentary immunity includes drugs and murder? What message are we sending? Really!!” Kuria wrote.

Kuria’s comments come hours after Sonko publicly confessed to smoking bhang in parliament toilets.

The governor however said he had since stopped smoking the drug.

Kenyans online agreed with Kuria on the need for investigations and waving of some parliament privileges and immunity.

Khalifa Tambo commented, “Hahaha, hapa umewashika mheshimiwa, fwatilia hii story kabisa. Bhangi ni illegal msee. Jamaa ameconfess, watupwe ndani as the DCI proceeds with investigations.”

Naftal Nyamwange wrote, “Pathetic crop of leaders… somebody confess that I have been doing wrongs things and then all the security agencies are mum?”

Bramuel Gituma stated, “Our leaders are a reflection of our society… nothing surprising MK.”