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Moses Kuria: Stop crying over 16% fuel levy, Jubilee at work

By PETER MBURU September 4th, 2018 2 min read

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria wants Kenyans to embrace the new fuel prices and stop ‘crying’ over the new 16 per cent VAT on fuel products.

According to Mr Kuria, the levy is the price Kenyans must pay for the development projects the Jubilee government has been effecting.

In a Facebook post, the controversial lawmaker admitted he was part of the committee that came up with the budget estimates for the country and the rise in fuel levy.


“I am a member of the Budget and Appropriations Committee in the National Assembly of the Republic of Kenya. I voted to approve our budget of Sh3 Trillion shillings plus. I am also a member of the Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Public Works Committee. In fact I am the Vice Chair there. I voted wholeheartedly to approve Ksh 179 Billion to build you better roads, Ksh 58 Billion for SGR from Nairobi to Naivasha, more Billions for our Affordable Housing under the Big 4.”

“I gave you money to complete your stalled markets, run universal healthcare, complete 58 irrigation dams that are underway etc. You never faulted me. It did not bother you where I would get the money from. You even applauded me. I cannot therefore turn around and start crying with you about the VAT on fuel. I will be pretending,” he continued.

He went ahead to blame MPs who have been lamenting about the fuel levy, saying they are shedding crocodile tears after passing the budget.


“Kindly ask John Mbandi (Mbadi) who sits with me in the budget committee to shut up and wipe out crocodile tears. Tell all those pretentious leaders to man up or woman up and stop treating you like fools.”

But angry Kenyans quickly condemned the MP, saying the government was failing in prioritizing projects and that it did not consult them.

“Do we really need some of these projects? Like a new 4-6 lane road from Nairobi to Mombasa yet we just completed the SGR? Yet we also have the current road to Msa? Doesn’t it make sense to just expand the current one at a lower cost?” Jeffrey Koech.

“Budget for what you have, not for what is in other people’s pockets. If we can’t afford it, we don’t need it…yet,” said Kipkurui Kemoi.


“You can’t fund all this projects from the pockets of the poor. You also didn’t ask our take on the priorities,” Xavier Kiwara.

“Continue enjoying life while Wanjiku suffers . All that money you voted for ends up in your pockets,you and your fellow colleagues. You don’t care whether i’ll make to bring food on my table to feed my family but you care to send me to Mbadi for answers as if I sit with him in parliament. Four years is not Mars and if I can remind you some years back I paid 126 ksh.per litre of petrol and I survived. So, what makes you think I won’t survive now? Argue like someone who was sent to represent people in parliament and stop telling us what committee you sit in and failing to tell us how much in allowances you earn.” Charles Mururu