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Moses Kuria under fire for GMO hellfire remarks

By Wangu Kanuri November 20th, 2022 2 min read

Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry has yet again found himself on the receiving end from the online community following his latest remarks about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

In a tweet, Kuria said those opposed to the government policy on GMO food would burn in hell.

“It is completely callous for rich idlers and Twitterati with a bowl of pizza and fish fingers to continue attacking our GMO policy while Hustlers are dying of hunger and poisoned donkey meat. You will burn in hell,” he said.

These remarks were not well received by Kenyans on Twitter.

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Before his latest remarks, Mr Kuria while addressing traders on Thursday claimed that many things killed Kenyans, and adding GMOs to the list was not bad.

“We have so many things that can kill us in the country. Being in this country, you are a candidate for death. And because so many things compete for death, there is nothing wrong with adding GMOs to that list,” the CS said.

“That is why we have deliberately allowed GMO until we are satisfied that we have enough maize, the staple food. In view of the food situation in the country, I shall be signing instruments to allow duty-free imports of GMO and non-GMO maize for the next six months,” he said.

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The CS said he would issue a gazette notice on Friday to authorise the importation adding that the government is ready to shoulder the potential backlash that could follow the decision.

“There are some 4.2 million Kenyans, especially in pastoralist areas, who are facing severe hunger due to severe drought that has persisted for months this year leading to food shortage. We have taken deliberate decisions to improve the current dire food situation in the country. We have decided to allow the importation of GMO maize into the country until the food situation improves,” he said.

The move is however set to rattle local maize farmers who have ordinarily hoarded maize to drive up prices which has often led to high prices of maize flour.

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