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Mosque dismisses UN report

October 18th, 2013 2 min read

In the face of damning UN report claiming it funds the Al-Shaabab terror group, Kamukunji’s Riyadha Mosque has called for an objective probe to mend its tarnished name

“We have been subjected to continuous slanderers allegations that have unfairly made our mosque synonymous with terrorism,” said Ali Abdul Majid the vice chairman of the Pumwani Riyadha Mosque Committee (PRMC).

Despite some members of the committee and worshippers being involved in terrorism, Majid said the acts of a few individuals should not merit a blanket judgment of all faithfuls at the mosque.

“We do not support, sympathise nor preach militant Islam as it is alleged.  That is the bottom line,” added Majid who dismissed the various UN Monitoring Group reports which have adversely named the Kamukunji based mosque as an Al-Shabaab financer.

“Babangida pays for information and given the poverty levels in the area, individuals will tell him what he wants to hear,” said Majid in reference to the UN investigator whom he accused of monitoring Somalia from the safety and comfort of hotels in Nairobi.

Another leader Mohamed Saidi cautioned Kenyans from taking such reports as the  gospel truth saying that they were “half-baked to appease  financers.”

“The last report linked KDF to illegal charcoal trade in Kismayu. Ask Kenyans if they believe that now?” posed Saidi.

The leadership also criticised the media for their editorial bias in terrorism coverage. They alleged the  mosque is often mentioned in media reports whenever there is a terrorist attack in the country.

“In covering any attack, local dailies always mention Riyadha Mosque, which subconsciously makes readers associate us with terrorism. It is wrong,” said Majid.

The two faulted local security agencies for what they termed as sitting on post-investigation reports that may mend the tarnished image.

“Since 2009 we have run bursary funds that have benefited thousands of needy children running into millions of shillings. All that has never been highlighted by the media,” added Majid.