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Most eligible pastor: Apostle Ng’ang’a claims 2000 women want him

Controversial and well-known man of God, Pastor James Ng’ang’a, has once again found himself at the centre of attention with a revelation that he was the object of desire for thousands of women.

In a video shared on TikTok, the 71-year-old pastor opened up about his popularity among female admirers.

The video, posted by TikTok user @itsbenaa, captures Pastor Ng’ang’a disclosing that a staggering number of women were interested in him, estimating the count to be around 2,000. He also humorously mentioned that this count did not even include the female ushers or those from social media.

“Wanawake wale walikuwa wananitaka mimi ni kama 2,000 hivi. Bila kuweka ushers, bila kuweka wale wa social media na social distance, whatever,” he stated, which translates to, “The number of women who wanted me is like 2000 not including the female ushers and those on social media, whatever.”

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Unsurprisingly, Ng’ang’a’s revelation prompted mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media. While some were intrigued and wondered what had made him such a desirable figure, others found his claim to be an exaggeration or simple bragging.

The comments from social media users reflected this diversity of opinions, with some expressing surprise and others taking a more lighthearted approach to his statement.

This latest video follows another TikTok clip featuring Pastor Ng’ang’a that has gained attention recently.

In that video, he confessed that he didn’t have extensive knowledge of God despite his role as a spiritual leader.

His unique reason for this, he explained, was a fear that delving too deep into the Bible could potentially lead to his premature death.

As always, Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s statements and actions continue to capture the public’s attention, generating a wide range of responses and discussions on social media and beyond.

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