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Most followed TikToker Khaby Lame gets Italian citizenship 21 years later

The 22-year-old popular TikToker Khaby Lame has been granted citizenship by the Italian government after residing in Italy since his childhood.

Lame, whose full name is Khabane Serigne Lame has been residing in Italy since he was a year old after his parents left Senegal.

In June this year, Lame was named the most followed TikToker in the world with more than 142.5 million followers and 2.3 billion likes on the social media platform.

Lame was born in Senegal, and started posting his funny videos on TikTok during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that was how his fame started.

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According to CBC NEWS, Lame was granted citizenship early this week in Chivasso city, which is located on the northern side of Italy.

Lame and his family have been residing in Chivasso city since they arrived in Senegal.

While receiving his citizenship, Lame swore to be faithful and to observe the constitution of Italy.

“I swear to be faithful to the Republic and to observe the Constitution and the laws of the State,” Lame said.

After being granted citizenship, Lame could not hide his happiness, saying that he felt to be Italian before.

“I felt Italian even before today because I have always lived here. I feel a great sense of responsibility for the oath I took,” he said.

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Lame had said before that his funny face and expression are what make people fall in love with his art.

He is among the young people who have reaped huge from the Covid-19 pandemic by becoming creative and putting a smile on their followers on the social media platform.

According to data from Social Tracker, Lame gained a whopping 15 million followers between May 8 and May 23 last year.

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