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Most searched questions on Valentine’s Day

By Hillary Kimuyu February 14th, 2022 2 min read

The 14th day of February has always been a special day, as lovers exchange cards, candy or flowers with the special people in their lives.

However, according to data from Google Search Trends, it appears Kenyans are looking for better ways to show their love and express their feelings.

The Google Search Trends data for the past year reveals that Kenyans searched for red roses to celebrate their loved ones on the special day.

They also looked for Valentine recipes to spice up their Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Google’s Communications and Public Affairs Manager Sharon Machira, said that search is a useful tool that helps people explore and discover a world of information. Even when it comes to love, people trust Google Search to help them with answers to their biggest questions.

In the past year, Kenyans searched for love quotes for their spouses, mothers, and self love captions.

The top trending terms on Valentine’s Day included Valentine roses, Jumia Valentine gifts, recipes, candles, messages, and sweet love language.

Kenyans turned to Google Search to find the best ways to make their loved ones feel special during the love season.

Interestingly, Kenyans also searched for the meaning of love, advice on how to make amends with their loved ones, find love and how to move on after parting ways with a lover. Other queries that Kenyans sought answers for include the perfect Valentine’s gift for their men and ideas for the perfect getaway on Valentine’s Day.

Search queries on romantic partners for the past year included how to treat a cheating husband, how to start a conversation with your girlfriend, and how to write a love letter to your boyfriend.

Kenyans keen on rekindling the love ‘flame’ searched for ideas on how to be physically romantic with their loved ones and how to maintain a relationship. On top trending queries on sex, Kenyans sought to know whether it is healthy to have sex daily, what to do before sex, and how to reduce sexual desire.

Others searched to know whether masturbation is harmful and why men love.

Here are the Valentine’s Day Trends for Kenya for the past year

Top trending queries on love, past year

1. God’s love quotes

2. Love matters Kenya

3. Self love captions

4. Love Bible verses

5. Love frame

6. Love in Swahili

7. Touching love message

8. Language of love

9. Best love quote

10. Mother’s love quotes

Top trending queries on Valentine’s Day, past year

1. Valentine roses

2. Jumia Valentine gifts

3. Valentine’s Day memes

4. Sweet Valentine messages

5. Marvel Valentines gifts

6. Valentine’s Day candles

7. Valentine menu recipes

8. Valentine nicknames

9. Valentines poster

10. Valentine and Christianity

Top trending queries on love, past year

1. How to find true love

2. How to convince a girl to love you

3. How to apologise to someone you love

4. What is the meaning of love

5. How to move on from someone you love

Top trending queries on Valentine’s Day, past year

1. Will my ex text me on Valentine’s Day

2. What happens on Valentine’s Day

3. Where to take my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

4. How to surprise your man on Valentine’s Day

5. What’s the best Valentines gift for him

Top trending queries on romantic partners, past year

1. How to treat a cheating husband

2. How to start a conversation with your girlfriend

3. How to write a love letter to your boyfriend

4. How to maintain a relationship

5. How to be physically romantic with your girlfriend

Top trending queries on sex, past year

1. Is it healthy to have sex everyday

2. What to do before sex

3. How to reduce sexual desire

4. Is masturbation harmful

5. Why do men love sex