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Mother of 3 recounts how Esther Arunga snatched her hubby

Quincy Timberlake’s first wife Rose Mueni has spoken out on how former TV presenter Esther Arunga allegedly snatched her husband.

Mueni, who spoke to Ebru TV, said she only got to know about Arunga’s marriage to Quincy through the television.

The mother of three narrated how a neighbour came to her and asked if she had watched the news telling her there was breaking news.

“When I watched the breaking news I saw Quincy marries Esther Arunga, I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a soap coming up and couldn’t believe it,” said Mueni.

Quincy had told his then wife that he had travelled abroad and was unavailable on phone when the news broke.


“He came after a week checking on us whether we had food and whether the children were okay and he did not even explain what had happened…he kept checking his watch and after an hour he left money and was leaving…After he left I was like is this guy for real? Now after he left is when I was mad at myself for not asking all the questions,” she explained.

Mueni went into depression as stories of Quincy being involved in a cult and later travelling to Australia came out.

“The children would come to me and ask whether it was true their father was doing what was being said. They asked what I had done to make him go away and that made me sink deeper into depression thinking that I was not pretty enough,” she recounted.

The mother of three managed to heal after a series of counselling sessions and church involvement and is now a motivational speaker.

“Most women will not come out as strong as I did most of them are weak and so we should not judge. I was judged harshly and even after they went to Australia and their kid died it was said that lady because she is a Kamba she went and did something and their kid died. Don’t judge, get to know the root of someone’s story before you talk,” she said.

Arunga and Timberlake ended up in Australia where they were later arrested and charged after the death of their child.

Timberlake was charged with murder while Arunga was charged with being an accomplice to murder.