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How new mother waited for 13 days to have surgical needle removed from birth canal

An 18-year-old girl from Bungoma, who had just given birth, was forced to wait for 13 agonizing days to undergo surgery to remove a surgical needle which got stuck inside her birth canal.

According to a report filed by a local TV, doctors at her local dispensary ‘forgot’ the needle while performing a procedure on her to widen her birth canal to facilitate the passage of her baby during delivery.

According to Jelly Sifuna, who is the patient’s mother, the needle broke inside the girl’s birth canal while one of the doctor involved in the procedure at the Bulondo dispensary was stitching the wound.


This happened after she had delivered the baby.

But when the medics realized their blunder, they referred the patient to Bungoma Referral Hospital for the needle to be removed.

However, she was informed that the imaging machine which was to aid the doctors in locating the needle had broken down.

What followed was 13 long days of pain and agony as the machine was being repaired.

She was eventually operated again and the needle successfully removed.

The teenager’s family is now demanding compensation from the dispensary for negligence.