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Mother-in-law actor Arabron Osanya on saving his volatile marriage

By Rajab Zawadi September 5th, 2023 2 min read

Arabron Osanya, a seasoned actor best known for his role on the popular television show Mother-in-Law and currently starring in Showmax’s new series Faithless has candidly shared his remarkable journey of transforming his tumultuous marriage into a stable and harmonious partnership.

In a heartfelt revelation, Osanya opened up about the struggles he and his wife faced over many years.

Their marriage was often on the brink of collapse, prompting the actor to embark on a personal journey of change to save their relationship.

“I will be very honest and say I had an extremely volatile marriage for many, many years. I did not have anyone to advise me; I was never advised by my father,” Osanya candidly admitted.

Without the guidance of a mentor or role model, Osanya had to learn the ropes of marriage through trial and error.

“One day, I sat down and thought to myself, if my wife is not going to do things differently, then let me do things differently. Slowly but surely, I started to observe how I behaved when I entered the house and stopped reacting badly,” he recounted.

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This newfound approach to understanding and empathising with his spouse became the key to calming the storm in their relationship, leading to a much happier union.

“If I’m being called the head of the house, I was like, let me try and control the atmosphere in the house, and I changed my ways,” Osanya shared.

As the interview continued, Osanya addressed his career choices and explained why he has never taken on gay film roles.

He clarified that his decision is not rooted in prejudice but rather in a desire for authenticity in his portrayals.

“I would not act a gay character, not because I have any issue or have anything against them, but the reason why I would not play a gay character is because I don’t understand it. I have to understand what I’m acting to make it real. I don’t understand what being homosexual or gay is and what inspires it. What is its source?” he explained.

Osanya expressed his willingness to consider such roles in the future if he gains a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

“There are a number of people even in Hollywood who have acted gay characters and convinced people they are even though they are not,” Osanya stated in an interview with Buzz Central.

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