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Mother in law moans lack of contract in TV series

Yet another actress has come out to openly share the harsh working conditions in the entertainment industry.

Elizabeth Wanjiru, commonly known for her role as Charity Mwamba in the Mother in Law series, disclosed in a recent interview she’s never been offered a contract despite appearing on national television for one and a half decades.

In an interview with Hiram Maina on YouTube, the grey-haired actress says she feels let down by her employer as a result of the contractual situation.

“I wasn’t happy the way I was given my appointment. I’m educated and a retired teacher so I don’t like working without a letter of appointment,” she explained.

Besides the setback, she says she’s excited to get a chance in the entertainment industry.

“I was excited to get the role especially because I didn’t have to compete with many people during the audition. I did my best but after 14 years of doing the show, I thought someone would think of giving me a contract.”

Ms. Wanjiru also explained that one of the pitfalls of not having a contract for a performing artiste was that her terms of reference would consistently change.

“It isn’t even about how much we earn but without a contract, things can change, especially with the payments. Whatever little you pay a human being, honor them with a contract, so that they can quote if they go elsewhere. But if it isn’t recorded someone can say that it is that person’s word of mouth if there is no contract.”

Elizabeth switched to acting in 1997 after retiring from her job as a teacher. She’s since become a household in the industry.