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Mother of sodomised boy appeals for Sh150K for corrective surgery

By KNA July 26th, 2016 1 min read

A 12-year-old boy who was kidnapped and sodomised over a period of two months requires Sh150,000 to undergo corrective surgery at the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

According to his mother, although the boy was treated at the hospital after the cruel incident, he did not recover fully and still has problems passing stool and urine.

She told KNA that the boy was abducted in Likoni by a man who took him to Mtwapa where he sodomised him from November last year until when the boy escaped in January this year.

The woman, who lives alone with her five children at Likoni near Shelly Beach after her husband died in 2013, said she is jobless and can not raise the money required for the surgery.

She pleaded with well-wishers to help.


“I do not have a job and even feeding and taking these children to school is by the grace of God”, she said.

She said that when the boy finally reached home on January 16, he was in a pathetic state and feaces and urine flowed uncontrollably.

When she took him to Coast General hospital, she was referred to Nairobi Women Hospital for specialised treatment.

The boy narrated how the man who turned out to be a primary school teacher at Mtwapa forced him to board a Matatu with him to Mtwapa where he lived.

He said that the man used to threaten to kill him with a knife when he tried to resist.

His mother said that the boy now shows signs of erectile dy                                   sfunction fears he may be rendered impotent if he was not treated.

Well-wishers can contribute through; Cooperative bank account number: 01109446267600.