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Motherhood secrets! Why I had an easy pregnancy – Wakavinye

Comedian Njugush’s wife has shared her secret to an easy pregnancy after she recently posted photos of herself during a workout session.

At the time she was expecting their second child revealing.

The mother of two highlighted the advantages of doing light exercises during pregnancy, saying that in her situation, she had initially undermined the benefits of working out while pregnant but now can write a book about how helpful it is.

“I underestimated working out while pregnant. Now I feel like I can write a whole book about the advantages that came with this. Na sio hio mambo ya (it is not about) ‘snapback’ No, it’s wholesome,” she said.

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Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye
Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye. PHOTO | COURTESY

Celestine added that she was not doing any heavy exercises, but rather light kicks and stretching as advised by her trainer.

“Na si ati nilikuwa na chapa hio tizi saanaa, (I was not doing much) a few donkey’s kicks and stretches. This was the only time tuliskizana na Freddie [the trainer], like ‘chapa tuu tizi kidogo uende home’ (do small bits of exercises then go home). Then Fridays were their mother. Kudance nayo tulidance,” she said.

Celestine advised pregnant women to give it a trial as they would love the outcome.

“If you are paged and you feel you can do this, of course with permission from your doctor, please do it. You’ll love the outcome. Thanks to Stephanie for preaching this to us. I can now confirm that indeed working out while paged comes with so many health benefits, sana sana hapo kwa (more so in) faster recovery,” she reiterated.

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Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye
Celestine Ndinda a.k.a Wakavinye. PHOTO | COURTESY

The celebrity couple welcomed their second baby a little over a month ago, and Wakavinye shared a post celebrating one month since welcoming baby Toria.

The couple had kept the news out of the prying eyes and ears of the public, leaving only their close friends and family in the know.

“It’s now 1 month since we welcomed our newest family member, Baby Toria. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes. Mama boys, Tugi & Toria (inyaa tuvese😍),” read her caption.

The news of Celestine and Njugush welcoming their bundle of joy excited a section of their fans and celebrities’ who gushed over their newfound joy.

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