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These Mother’s Day tributes will make your day

Kenyans online celebrated Mother’s Day by penning their memories with their cherished mothers.

Poet Gufy stole the show with his narration of how his Omena-selling mother once counted 50 and 100 shillings notes up to Sh70,000 for his school fees.

Another Kenyan narrated how he was going in for surgery and had no one to take care of him so he called his elderly mother and narrated his dilemma. She travelled to the hospital.

Many others gave moving tributes to their prayerful mothers who defied odds to raise their children.

Below are some of the narrations;

“My mother sells fish/omena at a Nakuru Market. The year is 2014, I’m a 2nd year film student and the fee required is 70k. I went to her stall and watched as she counted the dirty 50 and 100 Ksh notes totaling 70k. I cried hapo and she hugged me till I was calm. Painfully sweet.”

“I had a surgery in 2015 and I had no one to stay with me (long story) so I called my 73 year old mom telling her of my dilemma. I entered for the surgery and when I came out of the anesthesia, her face was the 1st I saw. I cried…what an awesome woman.”


“My mother is a very strong woman because she took over the role of breadwinner when my father got retrenched in 2005. She had a very low paying job but she made sure that my brothers and I went to the best national schools in the country because she made sure we worked very hard and forgot our troubles. Every day I pray to God to help me to be just half the woman she is.”

“My parents divorced when I was 3 and my father had custody. He restricted my mum from seeing us kids, for the longest time, she resorted to coming to see us at school during lunch. She would hold us close and pray for us outside the school gate. That memory still hurts…anytime she came near our home, he would take a whip and chase her with it…she did all she could to stay close to us and I honor her for that.”

“The year 2012 my baby mama died. So I was left with my 1yr old daughter in the ghetto. I couldn’t let anyone separate us. Mama had to “kidnap” her to care of her. Since I was a 19years and I didn’t have a job. She raised her for five years, then alipoanza shule akamleta. Now she is 8.”

“I got pregnant when I was in my first year of campus. Everyone told my mum there was no need to keep educating me but she heard none of it. She took unpaid leave to take care of my son so that I could go back to school and ensured every Sem my fee was fully paid till I cleared.”


“I lost my biological mum through a road accident 16 years ago. We didn’t have anyone to take care of me and my siblings she was a single parent but God gave us another mum (mum’s sister) who has been nothing short of blessings and love. I owe her my life. She took us in when no one wanted us. She put her life on hold because of us. She even turned down marriage a proposal so that she could take care of us. My only dream is to make her happy and give her everything that she deserves!”

“My mother found out my dad was cheating when I was 4 years old, my sister 2 years old and 6 years into her marriage. She found out while bedridden due to a bad accident that basically took 1.5 years for her leg to be somewhat normal. Whenever she tried confronting my dad about it he would beat her ad start burning her clothes in front of her because he knew she couldn’t walk. Basically I grew up protecting my mum from dad begging him not to beat her at whatever hour of the night he came. Till no my mum cannot raise her voice while in another room without me running to her, I’m 24 but that’s my reflex. She tells us she got suicidal during that period, she would look at her medication and think of ending it all but she thought about us and held on.”