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Kenyan mother’s reaction to pregnancy announcement warms hearts online

A Kenyan mum was startled when her son shared a photo of a ‘bun in the oven’ on the family WhatsApp group.

The mother wondered why her children were congratulating their ‘starving’ sibling and even went on to call one of them.

It was during that call that it was explained to her that the photo of the bun in the oven was an announcement of pregnancy, and that she would soon be a grandmother.

The son, who was called to explain, shared his mother’s hilarious reaction on Twitter complete with the photo used to share the news.

“Mum was like, ‘Could someone tell me what’s going on?’ She couldn’t understand why we were congratulating a starving sibling,” he explained on the replies.


“I’m happy for them. Mum only wanted to know if I was aware her last-born was starving na niko naye Nairobi. ?,” he added.

@Tsharz replied, “woyie,hahaha your mom is my mom. She wouldn’t ask but send food next day . LOL”

@tugengirl added, “Aww this is so cool and your mum is so sweet to worry if they are broke.”

@ElayneOkaya wrote, “? This is brilliant! Congratulations to them.”

@Alusa_ stated, “Haha. Analogue, ey? ? She wants a traditional announcement. Not these buns things. ?.”