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Motorbikes, the new getaway option for gangsters in Meru

An Asian businessman was robbed cash in broad daylight in Meru town in an incident involving a motorcycle rider in September last year.

The man was headed to a bank to deposit the money when he was attacked by the three suspects. The businessman fought back but he was shot.

The commotion attracted the attention of guards at the bank who intervened and arrested two suspects.

The gunman escaped with the money while riding a motorbike and he is still at large. The victim, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. The others were arraigned in court and are awaiting judgement.

Cases involving boda boda aided crimes have been on the rise in the town. According to police, 2013 and 2014 recorded the highest number of crimes, most of which motorbike riders were involved.

“We always receive distress calls involving such crimes particularly at petrol stations and at Gakoromone market. The incidents have made the places inhabitable and unsuitable for business,” said a police boss in Meru.


“The suspects usually escape from the crime scenes and many times the police vehicles lose track of them in the chase,” explained the police officer.

“They tend to use narrow routes and footpaths which are inaccessible by vehicles and this has been their greatest advantage over us.”

Attempts by the police to track the motorbikes during investigations are sometimes futile because the suspects remove the registration number to avoid identification.

“Previously when suspected criminals used personal vehicles to escape, it was easier to catch up with them. But this is a whole new level of crime,” the police boss said.

In the wake of increased crimes of this nature, police officers in the region have been forced to find better ways to curb the vice.

“We were forced to make several arrests of the motorcyclists to scare them. We also had special squads of officers dressed in civilian attire move around to identify potential suspects,” explained the officer.

He further noted that with the nature of high-speed motorbike aided crimes, the best way to deal with them was to prevent their occurrence as opposed to chasing after the suspects, said the officer as he acknowledged the menace.