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Motorist runs for dear life after merciless attack by boda boda riders

A city motorist had to run for his life on Friday night after being attacked by a group of boda boda operators on Outering road close to Pipeline estate for allegedly knocking one of the riders.

According to eyewitness Justus Kiale, the irate boda boda riders ganged up on the owner of the vehicle registered under number plate KCT 762U and started smashing his windscreen with stones.

The man was forced to run for his dear life on sensing danger and left the riders vandalising his car.

“It all happened so fast, the boda boda operators surrounded the man in the car and started to demand for him to get out of his vehicle, when he appeared to be not responding to their demands, one of them picked up a rock and threw it at the windscreen, that is how he destroyed the car to what it looks like,” said Kiale.

Kiale said the Boda Boda operators claimed he had knocked one of them on Kangundo road.

This is not the first time boda boda operators have taken matters into their own hands and attacked a motorist on the road.

In October last year, a number of riders were captured on camera assaulting a motorist and breaking his car window and on Uhuru Highway after the driver refused to heed to their demands to stop.