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Here’s what every motorist whose vehicle stalls on the road must now do

The government has issued new guidelines which motorists and car owners must comply with in the event that their vehicles stall on the road.

In a public notice published in the local dailies, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has advised motorists whose vehicles stall on the road to call the authority or the police and place a clearly visible signage.

“Motorists and motor vehicle owners are further advised that immediately upon stalling of a vehicle, cautionary measures are taken to alert other road users.”


“The measures include placement of clearly visible legal signage and notifying NTSA on 0718555999 or the National Police Service on 999/911,” the authority stated.

NTSA further stated that it is a requirement that all stalled vehicles be removed from the road within one hour failure to which they will be towed to the nearest police station at the owner’s cost.

The public notice comes a week after 19 people died in an accident in which a matatu rammed into a stalled tractor which was transporting sugarcane at Kamukuywa Bridge.

Of the 19 victims, eight were relatives who were travelling from a family reunion when the accident happened.