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Motorists complain of harassment by county traffic askaris

Motorists in Mombasa have asked the county government to reign in on the inspectorate department for what they termed as harassment by traffic akaris manning county city roads.

The motorists from Ganjoni area complained that county askaris stop and clamp vehicles trying to enter either a parking yard near the road, to be washed or those out to fetch water at a borehole next to the car wash.

The motorists claimed that the askaris usually demand Sh 2,500 to unclamp and release the vehicle.

A clamped vehicle
A clamped vehicle

Car washers wondered how a vehicle could be clamped with the driver inside waiting to turn and enter the car wash and borehole safely by giving way to other motorists.

One of the car washers, Mr Ali Mkulu Mwasezi, complained that the askaris interfere with their work as they discourage their clients from entering the yard.


“We have lost many of our clients who are now afraid to stop and enter the carwash or fetch water,” he said

The askaris were also accused of harassing and demanding bribes from motorists.

A Mombasa businessman Petterson Mitau expressed concern because he had to personally intervene for a vehicle that was clamped on the road to be released.

He blamed the inspectorate department for corruption but said that the Mombasa governor may not be aware what his officers in the inspectorate were doing.

“How can one clamp a vehicle that is on the road trying to take a turn and enter a yard for heavens sake?” he wondered.

He said it was regrettable to have county employees stationed on the roads and instead of executing their duties they end of soliciting for bribes.