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Motorists rush to fill tanks as govt holds crisis meeting on fuel prices

The government has convened a crisis meeting Thursday morning to discuss the effective date for the new fuel road levy, sources say, even as panicky motorists rushed to fill their fuel tanks.

There has been widespread speculation that the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) would increase the prices by a sharp margin from Thursday midnight by effecting the new Sh6 levy beginning this month.

WhatsApp and Telegram groups that bring together motorists are awash with speculation on the expected margin with some predicting an increase of as high as Sh9 for petrol and Sh6 for diesel.

It is from this anxiety, the Nairobi News understands, that the high-profile meeting was convened at the ERC offices to decide on the commencement date for the new levy.

Currently, a litre of petrol in Nairobi is retailing at Sh86.17, while that of diesel is selling at Sh73.71 and kerosene at Sh58.04.

ERC reviews fuel prices by putting a ceiling on pump prices across the country.

It is expected that besides factoring in the new levy, ERC will also consider prevailing market forces in the last one month, something that could push the increase beyond the Sh6.

ERC is expected to announce the new fuel prices later Thursday, which will come in force at midnight.