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Motorists warned of traffic congestion on Thika Superhighway

Motorists using the Thika Superhighway have been advised to use alternative routes due to traffic congestion.

In a tweet, the Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha) said the road is currently experiencing traffic buildup on the Thika-bound lanes near Githurai due to a road accident.

“Motorists driving along this route are advised to take caution, use alternative routes and obey traffic martials. Efforts are underway to resume normal traffic flow,” said Kenha.

Road users have also shared pictures and videos of the building traffic online.

However, Kenha said traffic police are on site clearing the accident, which has caused traffic jam from Allsopps all the way to Githurai.

“As interventions are being made to clear the troubled section, we urge motorists to exercise patience and lane discipline for a smooth flow of traffic,”Kenha said.

Earlier in the week, an accident on Mombasa Road spilled over into the newly built Nairobi Expressway subjecting many motorists to a traffic nightmare that lasted for hours.

Motorists who found themselves stuck on Mombasa Road attempted to avoid the building snarl-up by switching to the expressway.

Motorists decried spending more time on the Expressway as the payment process took longer than expected and were left stuck there for hours while traffic on the normal lane continued to flow after the accident had been cleared.