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Mountain View MCA raises concerns over Lava Latte Club’s operations

Mountain View Member of County Assembly (MCA) in Nairobi, Maurice Ochieng, has drawn attention to the activities of Lava Latte Club, situated along State House Road in a residential area.

The MCA has raised concerns about loud music emanating from the club, prompting complaints from local residents and nearby educational institutions.

In a statement, Ochieng is calling for an investigation into Lava Latte Club’s operations and demands a report be presented to the House if the loud music is causing disturbances in the vicinity of State House.

“I wish to request for a statement from the Chairperson of a Sectoral Committee on Culture and Community Services regarding the operation of Lava Latte Club, a public entertainment club within a residential area and close to institutions of basic education,” Ochieng stated.

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He emphasised that the Nairobi City County Alcoholic Drinks Control Licensing Act 2014 prohibits the establishment of bars or any alcoholic outlets near institutions of basic education.

Additionally, Ochieng pointed out that the County Government of Nairobi has banned the setting up of entertainment clubs and bars in residential areas.

“However, Lava Latte Club, which is located in a residential area along State House Road with close proximity to institutions of basic education, particularly Nairobi Milimani Secondary School, openly sells alcohol to revelers and stages disco music mostly on Saturdays with female revelers skimpily dressed, thus distracting students,” he expressed in his letter.

The Chairperson of the specified Sectoral Committee is expected to investigate how the club received approval to operate in a residential area contrary to existing laws and regulations.

Furthermore, Mountain View Ward Representative wants information on the steps taken by the County Government, under Governor Johnson Sakaja, to close down Lava Latte Club and similar establishments operating in residential areas and in close proximity to educational institutions.

In a noteworthy development last month, Governor Sakaja appeared to modify his approach to clubs in residential areas.

He urged the inspectorate team to refrain from conducting night operations and inspections, opting instead to summon club owners to appear before the relevant authorities for appropriate action.