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Move over Raila ‘Joshua’, here comes Sonko ‘Nehemiah’

Aspiring Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has adopted a Biblical image, likening his plan for Nairobi to Nehemiah’s rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem.

In a newly released campaign poster, Sonko says he is Nehemiah the 3rd and plans to rebuild the city of Nairobi to its past glory.

Sonko’s campaign strategy similar to Nasa’s Raila Odinga who has likened himself to Biblical Joshua with a promise delivering Kenyans to Canaan.

These Biblical adoptions have elicited mixed reactions online, with some terming them blasphemous while others appreciating the leaders for drawing inspirations the Bible.

In a campaign excerpt shared by Sonko on his role as “Governor Nehemiah,” he boasts of his ability to stop oppression.

“They required those who had returned to the city after captivity to buy back the possessions that were previously owned by their families. They were paying undue taxes and interest on things that should have been theirs. Nehemiah put a bold stop to that practice. Seeing the wisdom and kindness he possessed, the people of Jerusalem appointed him governor of the city for 12 years. He would not even accept the pay that was due a man in his position. His single focus was on rebuilding the wall and protecting his city,” wrote Sonko.

Here are some of the reactions to “Nehemiah Sonko.”