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Moya David leads Vick Brandon, Azziad as Kenya’s most followed TikToker

TikTok sensation Moya David has become the most followed Kenyan on TikTok having raked up a followership of 2.8 million on the video streaming platform.

Sharing the milestone with his fans on Instagram, the content creator expressed his gratitude saying that it’s because of his loyal fans that he has been able to achieve such an outstanding level of success in his work.

“2.8 MILLION!! Without a doubt, I am surrounded by amazing people. That’s why I’ve been going from strength to strength on social media. I am incredibly proud to reach this amazing milestone,” said the dancer, who promised more great content for his fans.

“I know I couldn’t have made it without you, and that’s why I won’t rest on my ears; I will keep serving you premium content, just the way you like it. Thank you for your amazing support. I became an influencer here because of your constant engagement with my posts,” he said.

Moya, currently with 33.9 million likes on his TikTok videos and a loyal following of 198,000 followers on Instagram, is slightly ahead of Vick Brandon as the most followed Kenyan on TikTok. Brandon presently has 2.7 million followers with actress and content creator Azziad Nasenya not far behind with 1.9 million followers.

Moya, who is a cheer-spreading dancer, has also been greatly credited with popularizing the track Mi Amor by Tanzanian singer Marioo and Kenyan songbird Jovial as he uses the song in his dance challenges.

However, on so many occasions he has been criticized for overutilizing the song in his gigs. To this he has said most of his clients insist that he uses that particular track.

At the same time, the TikTok star has warned his fans against falling for scammers who may be using his name to con them, something he says has recently been brought to his attention.