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MP accused of rape now ‘born again’

Imenti Central Member of Parliament, Gideon Mwiti, on Thursday declared he had “seen the light” by giving his life to preach the gospel.

Mwiti,who is facing rape charges in court, announced he would now be a fisher of men after a life of inequity.

“I want to be a church person, I am already changed and I am looking at being a preacher in due course so that I can give people the experience of this life in two worlds, I am going to teach people from known to unknown,” declared Mwiti.

“Jesus has raised me from the dead. He did not care about how many days Lazarus had spent in the grave or how much his body stunk but he used him for his glory,” the legislator said.


The embattled MP said had sold his liquor businesses as he looks to walk in the straight and narrow path where only a few tread according to the teachings of his new found faith.

Mwiti further called for the war against illicit and second generation alcohol to be enhanced proposing that even drinks classified as first generation should be strictly regulated since they were being abused.

He said if the government was committed to empowering families and young people it should develop stringent measures to ensure the first generation alcohol was not abused.

The matter of his rape case has been suspended and will be mentioned in three months to allow the High Court in Nairobi time to refer the suit to Chief Justice Willy Mutunga who will set up a bench to hear the MP’s challenge against his prosecution.

Mr Mwiti was released on a Sh100,000 cash bail after denying raping a married woman on March 21.