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MP charged with stealing ‘Helicopter’ Church’s Sh3m lorry

Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambu has been charged with stealing a lorry belonging to Pastor Thomas Wahome of the Helicopter Church Ministries in Nairobi.

The prosecution amended a charge sheet in a case he has denied assaulting the preacher to include a count of theft.

In the charge, he is accused of stealing a lorry valued at Sh3.3 million, the property of Pastor Wahome.

The prosecution says he committed the offence on July 15 last year at Industrial Area, Nairobi.

He denied the allegations before Kibera principal magistrate Benard Ochoi and was released on Sh500,000 bond or Sh300,000 cash bail.

Mr Mutambu had opposed the amendment saying it is meant to harass him. The dates in the charge sheet and the earlier one were not the same, he claimed.

According to the legislator, the vehicle was sold to him and the complainant had not indicated that a lorry was stolen.

“I have a right to protect my name and reputation. Do not allow this amendment,” he had stated.

But the prosecution accused him of seeking to be treated differently from other accused persons.

“We raised the issue of a lorry and defence knows that,” prosecutor Jackie Amol stated.

On Monday, the court ruled that the prosecution has the right to amend charges which is when the legislator was charged with theft. The hearing was set for October 25.