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HILARIOUS: Nominated MP explains why he wishes to remain disabled for life

A hilarious undated video has emerged showing Nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sangok explaining why he wishes to remain disabled for life.

In the video, the 38-year-old lawmaker, who walks with aid of crutches, is heard saying – while addressing an audience at a public gathering – how disability has made his life comfortable through the many benefits and perks which come with being disabled.

The lawmaker also disclosed that he will forever remain thankful to the doctor who caused the paralysis of his legs.

Wakati nilikuja nikaambiwa Bishop ako pale, Padre ako pale, nikaenda kukaa mbali nawao sababu unajua hawa watu wanaweza kukuona, wasemee pokea, ushtukie miguu imepona halafu mimi napoteza kazi jameni. (A short while back when I came here, I was told there was a Bishop and Priest around. I went and sat very far away from them. I fear them because they can easily pray for my healing and when my legs get healed I’ll have lost my livelihood,” he says in the video to the amusement of his audience.

“Unajua sasa hapo nitaenda bunge kurepresent nani? na mimi na represent persons with disability. (If that happens, whom will I go to represent in Parliament? You know I am in Parliament to represent persons with disability).”

“For the first time I know you are hearing of someone who is happy to be disabled. (laughs) There is no way I will settle for another lifestyle. Where will I get my salary from? How will pay for the car which I imported duty free? Where will I get money to pay KRA for the taxes which I’ve been exempted from for the last five years if I become able bodied?” he continued to narrate.

The first time MP, who is a holder of Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery from the University of Nairobi, has in the past decried how women often shun disabled man. He is also on record for paying tribute to his wife, a nurse, for taking care of him all though.