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MP Jalang’o calls for caution after murder of socialite Starlet Wahu

Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Jalang’o, has expressed his concerns and offered advice following the tragic murder of socialite Starlet Wahu.

In a statement to online bloggers, the comedian-turned-politician emphasised the importance of caution, highlighting that Wahu’s only mistake was placing trust in someone unfamiliar.

Starlet’s body was discovered on January 4th at a rental apartment in Nairobi’s South B area.

“Don’t be around people you don’t know, and again, don’t even try to trust people you don’t know. Everything takes time. It’s very sad because Starlet’s only problem was trusting a stranger.

Trusting somebody you don’t know. Just stay away from people you don’t know. If today you want to hang out, please let it be with somebody you know,” MP Jalang’o advised.

He expressed deep sorrow over Wahu’s tragic death, describing it as the saddest reported incident due to the harrowing details of her final moments.

Jalang’o noted the need for increased caution in social interactions, particularly with unfamiliar individuals.

Additionally, Jalang’o pledged to address safety concerns related to the booming Airbnb business in Kenya.

As a significant player in the industry, he acknowledged the need for regulation and vowed to table a bill in parliament to ensure that all Airbnb properties are registered.

“I have so many Airbnbs, and it’s one of my biggest businesses. The one thing we can make sure is [that] all Airbnbs are registered.

Some people are running Airbnbs that are not registered and they are not even under Airbnb. So I will personally take it to Parliament to make sure every Airbnb is registered, we know the owner, and you can’t get into the Airbnb business when we don’t know who you are,” said Jalang’o.

In yet another statement, the Chairman of Airbnbs in Nairobi, expressed profound sorrow upon hearing about the distressing murder of Starlet Wahu.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of this shocking event, but it is important to make clear that the incident was not connected to Airbnb in any way. The property in question did not have a reservation booked on Airbnb for the dates reported, and we do not have an account registered to the name of the accused. Our thoughts are with the victim’s loved ones during this unimaginably difficult time.”