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MP latest victim of runaway carjacking in Nairobi

A Member of Parliament (MP) over the weekend became the latest victim of carjackers holding Nairobi in the grip of fear.

Ol Kalou MP David Kiaraho on Sunday night fell victim to this emerging breed of criminals as he was driving home from a refreshment joint at around 2 am.

According to a report he filed at Karen Police Station he was waylaid at gunpoint by an armed robber who ordered him to lower the window of the vehicle at the junction of James Gichuru road and Waiyaki Way.

Within minutes, the lone gunman was joined by his two accomplices who forcefully got into the vehicle and commanded him to drive to the Muthiga area within Kikuyu.

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In the report, the MP said he was carjacked by gunmen who drove him around in his car before robbing him of Sh700,000, an ATM card and other valuables.

The trio blindfolded him and took control of the vehicle, demanding that the MP gives them his ATM and cash.

“They then ransacked the motor vehicle and found a total of Sh700,000 which was hidden under the driver’s seat,” the report adds.

According to the MP’s report, he had left a popular entertainment joint along James Gichuru and was on his way to his residence when the attack happened.

They later drove his car up to Miotoni Road in Karen and abandoned him there without harming him.

The group had a get-away car on standby which they boarded and left the scene.

The MP was helped by guards who witnessed the drama as he was still blindfolded in the back seat of his car.

Last year, Detectives from DCI warned Nairobi residents to be careful whenever they are driving at night because of rising cases of carjackings in and around the capital.

This comes after a motorist was carjacked outside One River Apartments in Ruaka before his Toyota Premio car was stolen.

According to detectives, the victim had just pulled over by the apartment’s gate, unaware that a gang was laying in wait for him.

Most carjackings occur in high-crime areas, but many others are happening in the safer, especially in wealthier neighbourhoods of Nairobi.

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According to DCI the gang operates mostly in Nairobi, Kiambu and Naivasha town.

The most high-profile carjacking case in the news was one of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official vehicles which were stolen by armed robbers in Ruai estate in Nairobi.

State House later said the car was not among the president’s escort vehicles. The incident happened in 2014.

Among the high and mighty who have recently fallen victim to this emerging breed of criminals is an aunt of President Kenyatta Mrs Jean Muhoho, Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri and Deputy President William Ruto’s spokesperson, the journalist David Mugonyi.

Last month, a gang of robbers carjacked an aide of a former governor and used his vehicle in a string of robberies in Nairobi and Kiambu counties.

The aide had dropped off a friend at Ruaka and as he drove away, the three armed robbers, who had face masks, confronted him.

They, thereafter, bundled him into the boot of his vehicle, a Land Rover Discovery, embarked on a spate of robberies and even shot one motorist dead.

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