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MP Ndindi Nyoro hammered for offer to help out Stivo Simple Boy

By Amina Wako August 10th, 2019 2 min read

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro on Friday found himself on the receiving end of the ire of Kenyans on Twitter after offering to help musician Stivo Simple Boy, the ‘Vijana tuache mihadarati‘ hit maker.

“Anyone who knows Stevo Simple Boy, aambiwe namtafuta. I’d want to give him some boost in his music career. Talented yet selling so much hope to the downtrodden. We are African and Africa is our Business,” Nyoro tweeted.

The offer for help was however interpreted as a political PR stunt by the lawmaker.

Many Twitter users asked him to instead work on laws that will help the youth nurture their talents

“We don’t want your showmanship. Stevo is doing well and will turn out fine without your help. Go and legislate on establishing talent centres and remind your benefactor they promised 47 arts centres,” tweeted @edmundkungu1

@Oiriga commented; “PR mob, there are many jobless youths in Kiharu, start by helping them first”.

“Mheshimiwa, Si hio kitu upee mtoto wa bursary Kwa constituency yako,” posted @KoMaisham.


@BenKarume said; “Clout chaser! First help the youths of your constituency youths who’re languishing in poverty, depression n mihadarati.”

“You cannot purport to serve strangers tea yet your own people are crying & dying for the same,” tweeted @PtahMutuku.

@WNyambuti posted; “PR….Create laws that uplift talents across. If you help him alone how will other struggling talents benefit. Stevo has already made a name for himself for your information.”

“Look for him in silence. Its inconsequential in your all time local politics,” added @wikylicks.

@Evangelinekari5 commented; “PR tupu, Leo ndo umemjua??? Smh politicians Will never change,”.

@bushisky posted;”Simple boy is already found… Look for someone else from the grassroots.. wont take you long before you find one”.

Stivo’s latest track ‘I Lift You Higher’ is a thanksgiving release, a collaboration with Scheneider Shanny.

The track is Stivo’s second release after the mega-hit ‘Mihadarati’which went viral in June 2019, despite it’s being released in 2017