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MP offers to sponsor coronavirus song

An MP has offered to sponsor any person who will come up with a good song that will create awareness among the youth who are still sceptical about the coronavirus pandemic.

Amisi lawmaker Caleb Amisi said he will sponsor the entire production of any Kenyan artiste who will compose a well-rated song to help the government in fighting the pandemic.

“Any Kenyan artiste who will compose a well-rated song to create a positive impact in fighting this pandemic, I take it upon myself to sponsor the music production,” Mr Amisi said.

“From music to art, from songs to poems and from literature to drama, we must come out with power, enthusiasm and talents well equipped with hope of terminating this scourge from our midst.”

The young lawmaker says he took the initiative after he realised that majority of Kenyans especially the youth are not so serious in taking up the government precautionary directives.

On Thursday, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe also expressed concern that majority of Kenyans are still not taking the measures outlined by the government to keep the virus at bay seriously.

He pointed out that people were still congregating in social places such as pubs and continue to take their children for outings.

“It cannot be unreal in Kenya and yet it is real in China, Italy… sometimes one is baffled with reactions that we are getting,” Mr Kagwe warned.

Keeping a social distance of at least one metre and avoiding shaking hands in addition to basic hygiene like washing hands are some of the basic guidelines the World Health Organization (WHO) released to keep the virus at bay.