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MP Oscar Sudi discloses pre-university agreement with daughter

Kapsaret Member of Parliament (MP) Oscar Sudi is beaming with pride as he celebrates his daughter, Faith Chemutai’s remarkable academic achievement.

Faith recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Finance Management from the University of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom, and her father couldn’t be more thrilled.

Sudi took to his social media account to share the joy, expressing admiration for the resilience Faith demonstrated throughout her academic journey.

During a festive celebration held at their home in Kapseret, the MP not only commended his daughter for her accomplishments but also showered her with significant rewards.

Sudi gifted Faith a vehicle and an apartment in Nairobi, underscoring his pride as a father and emphasizing his daughter’s adherence to his guidance.

“It has been an arduous journey for my daughter, Faith Chemutai, throughout her academic life,” shared the MP.

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“Today as we celebrate her success story at home, in Kapseret.”

During the celebratory event, Sudi expressed gratitude for Faith’s respect and compliance with his wishes.

He recounted a conversation where he requested her to pursue studies in London while emphasizing the importance of respecting and safeguarding herself.

“I requested her to do one thing for me, to respect me. If you meet a boyfriend, con them but do not allow them to con you. She did that for me. We agreed during her first graduation in 2023.

She has a degree and master’s, and she has also secured a job in London. As my firstborn and you do what I want, I will also reward her. You have respected me, you have your job, and you are an adult. If you come and tell me you are ready for marriage, I am ready for that.”

Acknowledging her adherence to his advice, Sudi stated:

“If you come and tell me you are ready for marriage, I am ready for that.”

Highlighting his daughter’s achievements, Sudi gifted her a vehicle and an apartment, viewing these as essential assets to propel her into a successful future.

He emphasized his unwavering support for Faith’s endeavours, proud to witness her academic accomplishments and personal growth.