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MP Peter Salasya explains why he wants to marry a submissive woman

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, recently shed light on his single status, attributing it to the challenge of finding a partner willing to settle in the village.

The first-time MP expressed his dilemma in an interview on TV 47 during media personality Betty Kyalo’s return to the screens on May 10.

Salasya revealed that most of the women he met preferred to live in the city, making it difficult to find a compatible partner.

Despite fans’ curiosity about his personal life, including inquiries about his marital status and net worth, Salasya candidly admitted that finding a suitable spouse as an elected politician was a difficult task.

“First of all, women should understand that being submissive is biblical. It has become very difficult for me to get married because nowadays women want to be with you all the time,” he said.

“I do not want my wife to stay with me in Nairobi. I want her to stay in the country. Here in Nairobi, I am always moving around because of my work,” Salasya explained.

When asked about his ideal woman, Salasya said he wanted a busy woman, who would not constantly text him during working hours.

“Some people advised me to marry either a teacher or a banker because they are always very busy. I want someone like that who is very busy so that she does not stress me. Someone like that will not have time to send me messages all the time,” he added.

Salasya also said he was open to polygamy and that he would look after three wives.

“As a first-time MP, you know I have to buy a house, a car, all these basic things. So my payslip does not look very good right now, but that is because I am buying all these things. In the future, I will have settled down”.

In the interview, Salasya explained his fondness for social media, citing it as a crucial tool in his election victory.

He stressed that he relied on social media platforms to secure his political victory, as he did not have the financial means to distribute handouts during the campaign.

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