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MP Peter Salasya raises concern over the use of “Mwalimu wa Math” phrase

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, has expressed his concerns about the growing trend of Kenyans using the phrase “Mwalimu wa Math” to jokingly demonstrate their success in life.

Salasya argued that this humorous trend has gone too far and is diminishing the respect for mathematics teachers, who he believes are the foundation of many people’s achievements.

In a video shared online, Salasya voiced his opinion, emphasizing the pivotal role math teachers play in shaping individuals’ futures.

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He singled out Diana Marua, accusing her of frequently using the phrase when showcasing her accomplishments online.

“Teachers have played a huge role in everyone’s life, and that is why most of them have their families blessed. Any teacher, although there are some elements in the family, but you will find even one successful child,” Salasya stated.

He added, “Let’s not insult Maths teachers; those people are blessed. Because they brought the best out of you.”

The MP highlighted that the ongoing jokes about math teachers may demotivate them and bring shame upon them while they are in the classroom. He urged the public to show respect and appreciation for these educators who contribute significantly to their students’ success.

“Respect that person; they are your foundation,” Salasya concluded.

The phrase “Mwalimu wa Math” gained popularity in Kenya after a netizen shared a critique of their former math teacher, claiming that the teacher had predicted their failure in life.

Not too long ago, Diana Marua, the wife of Bahati, expressed her dissatisfaction with her past experiences and childhood trauma caused by her former mathematics teacher.

In a recent video, she passionately conveyed her frustration, sharing one of the most humiliating moments from her life.

“Childhood trauma is real. I am making this video today, and I must admit I am quite upset. Mwalimu wa maths, I want you to hear me, and I want this message to reach you loud and clear.”

She continued by showcasing her achievements, proudly revealing her car and her mansion, emphasizing that she now owns numerous cars.

Diana Marua went on to recall the difficult times in school when she felt overlooked and insignificant.