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MP released from police custody after his dramatic arrest

Member of Parliament for Nakuru Town East, David Gikaria, who was dramatically arrested on Saturday, has been released on free bond.

Gikaria was released on free bond at 1 am on Sunday and is expected in court on Monday.

The MP was arrested in connection with a land row between him and former Nakuru Mayor Mohammed Surraw.

Nakuru Central Police Station OCPD Elena Kabukuru said the MP could not get money at the hour of release hence the reason to release him on free bond.

According to area Deputy Police Commander Kirunya Limbitu, the MP resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer by ‘slapping’ him before he was overpowered.

A video of the dramatic arrest has since emerged showing a man assumed to be the MP being forcefully carried into a police vehicle.


The second time legislator was arrested alongside 10 other suspects who had accompanied him to oversee construction of stalls on the alleged grabbed land at Pipeline along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway

Gikaria is said to have gotten into a confrontation with Mr Surraw, which attracted the attention of area residents.

The standoff saw transport along the highway paralysed for the better part of the morning before the police arrived.

This is not the first time the MP has been arrested. On January 28, the MP was arrested in another case of land fraud near Pipeline where he has constructed a palatial home. The case is still pending in court.

In 2016, Gikaria was charged at a Nakuru court with malicious damage to private property and stealing.

Gikaria and others were said to have brought down a perimeter wall before stealing more than 30 wheelbarrows and other items, valued at more than Sh7 million.