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MP rewards pregnant women with Sh1k for their ‘husbands’ good job’

Murang’a woman representative Sabina Chege surprised pregnant mothers from Gaturi ward when she gave them Sh1,000 each as a small token to appreciate their husbands’ “good job”.

Ms Chege claimed that she was shocked by the high number of pregnant women in the region.

She noted that it had lately become hard to spot pregnant women in Central Kenya where alcoholism among men is rife.

The Murang’a county MP said the recent pregnancies were as a result of the war on illicit alcohol.

During the meeting, she requested all the pregnant women in attendance to step forward and then gave each sh1,000.

“One year ago, if I asked whether there was any expectant woman, I used to get one or even none at all. But today I got five and others had small children,” she said.

“This is a good sign that alcoholism has gone down.”

Ms Chege also noted that it was evident that bedrooms in Murang’a had regained vibrancy going by the number of expectant women.