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Drama as MP caught in roadside brawl with ‘wife’ – VIDEO

Sirisia legislator John Waluke must have had a festive season to forget, with the emergence of a two-minute video clip in which he appears to be brawling with a woman by the roadside.

The undated video shows Waluke, a former military officer, tussling with an unidentified woman – rumoured to be one of his wives – in what appears to be a rural roadside.

The commotion attracts a crowd, most of whom – understandably – appear to be all too keen to witness the unfolding episode first hand.

At one point, Waluke, who is dressed in a brown jacket and white shirt, is seen outside a greyish 4WD landcrusier with another man also standing beside the open door of the passenger seat, presumably with intent on making peace between the lawmaker and the lady.


The supposed attempt is, however, not successful, as the lady driver speeds off leaving the legislator stranded, amid voices of disbelief from the crowd.

And she isn’t done just yet.

She soon drives drives back to the scene in full speed and at some point appears to lose control of the car, almost driving into the crowd that is gathered by the roadside.

The cause of the commotion remains unclear, with the legislator yet to publicly comment on the incident.