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MP Salasya cancelled on Twitter for loan default and arrogant response

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 21st, 2023 2 min read

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has stirred controversy on Twitter after being called out for defaulting on a loan and responding arrogantly to his creditor.

The MP’s actions have drawn criticism from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT), who have expressed their disappointment with his response.

The controversy began when Salasya took to Twitter to address the issue of a Sh 40,000 debt he owed to a friend.

In his tweet, the MP stated, “40k is a drop in the ocean. I earn Ksh 1m, so tell him, when I return from Nigeria, I will come to the office, or he can visit my office in Mumias East to get paid.”

He added a playful comment, “Nasumbua hutu tuwatu twa wivu hapa twitter ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£hamtawezana Niko na nyinyi hizi ndio napenda,” which roughly translates to, “I’m bothering these jealous people on Twitter. You can’t match me; this is what I like.”

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However, KOT was not impressed by Salasya’s response, with many users expressing their disapproval and disappointment.

Some highlighted the importance of humility, while others criticized his arrogance in handling the situation.

One user, @_JeffKinyanjui, reminded Salasya that pride came before a fall and urged him not to forget those who had supported him in his journey.

Another user, @cbs_ke, humorously commented that the Sh 40,000 was all Salasya’s creditor wanted, implying that he did not want the entire “ocean.”

@TuJadili advised Salasya to treat people well on his way up the ladder because he might need their support on his way down.

Similarly, @EkwenyeD suggested that Salasya’s response seemed to confirm the allegations of his loan default.

@AmakanjiThomas shared that many people who claim to be wealthy often exhibit arrogance when faced with the task of repaying small debts. He encouraged Salasya to pay the debt without hesitation.

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Others, like @Lazooj and @SeroneiCheison, humorously pointed out that even though Salasya claimed the debt was small to him, it had taken him considerable time to acknowledge it.

@I_am_Khalwale expressed concern that Salasya’s arrogance might come back to haunt him in the future. @polo_kimanii stated, “The gods are watching,” suggesting that Salasya’s pride might have consequences.

Activist Boniface Mwangi aired allegations of the loan default on social media. The accusations revolve around a KSh 165,000 Sacco loan, which Salasya reportedly defaulted on, with Polycarp Nyonje acting as the guarantor.

Mwangi shared a message from Nyonje in Kakamega, who claimed that Salasya had failed to repay their guaranteed loan. Nyonje revealed that attempts to reach out to the youthful MP through various means had proven futile.

“In 2017, Peter Salasya took a Sacco loan of Ksh 165,000 while he was working with Diamond Trust Bank, Kakamega Branch. I acted as his guarantor and two other members,” the statement on Mwangi’s social media read.

Responding to the expose, Salasya wrote,¬†“Good boy Boniface Mwangi for reminding me to pay the debt. I have been busy with serious matters in the constituency. Now tell him to come to my office in Mumias East, and I will clear all debts with him.”

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