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MP says Kenyans deserved to pay for their trip to World Cup – VIDEO

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma has angered Kenyans after declaring that as an MP he deserves to go and watch the World Cup in Russia at tax payers’ expense.

The MP is part of close to 20 politicians who traveled to Russia to watch the semi-final and final matches, even though Kenya has never qualified for the competition.

The trip sparked outrage among Kenyans who felt their tax money went to waste .

Mr Kaluma claimed he had been in Russia since the start of the tournament and that his experience has been very nice so far.


“Why should I pay my money as I am here as a Member of Parliament from Kenya. People are asking why you didn’t use economy (class), why would you use economy? You are representing a government, why should the government of Kenya be scrounging somewhere? What is the image of the country?” he posed.

In their defense, the travelling MPs insist the trip has been blown out of proportion saying that their time in Russia has been well spent.

Cabinet Secretary for sports Rashid Echesa has distance himself from the trip and its purpose, saying that the legislators’ trip was paid for by Parliament.

“We are aware that the National Assembly sports committee members are in Russia on a World Cup bench-marking tour. That is fully catered for by the parliamentary sports committee budget that is not hinged to the ministry of sports and heritage,” said CS Echesa.

Kenyans wondered what is wrong with our leader.

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